• Routify 2 - Pet Peeve Edition

    Written by jakobrosenberg 08/20/2020

    Our new hash based routing support required a breaking change - and when you have one breaking change, you might as well break everything. So we did. Gone are all the pet peeves.

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  • 1.8 beta - New dev & production features

    Written by jakobrosenberg 06/21/2020

    • Prefetching
    • Preloading
    • Bundling
    • Plugins
    • Nollup
    • New documentation
    • Roxi


    This post should have been published last month, but was delayed by the fact that I only wrote it today.

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  • An update

    Written by wolfr 05/02/2020

    It's been about two weeks since we released the 1.5 version of Routify. You can read all about that in our previous blog post here.

    Our release was met with a positive reception. We've had lots of people make the jump and give Routify a try, as evidenced by Github's dependency graph which shows over 100 repos using Routify now.

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  • Announcing v1.5

    Written by jakobrosenberg 04/20/2020

    Welcome to the brand-new Routify blog. This is not just the first post on Routify, but also my first ever blog post. Scary. For this cherry popping first post, we’re very happy to announce that 1.5 is finally ready. Among the highlights in this version are:

    • Support for meta tags
    • Dynamic basepaths
    • Automatic navigation CLI enhancements
    • Query support
    • Improved starter template
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